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Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition – KEN™ Weight Reduction System.

This novel technique to assist overweight patients with Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 involves the placement of a fine-bore Nasogastric Tube (2 mm diameter) to allow the continuous infusion of a specially formulated feed over a 10 day period via a portable pump. Patients are able to carry out their normal duties over this period and are encouraged to drink generous amounts of fluids, but do not feed for this period. KEN cycles can be repeated after a 10 day break interval, until the patients reach their target. This target is calculated from Bio-impedance measurements at each visit to the clinic.

“Speaking as someone who has actually used this method I found it a complete success. I lost a load of weight and have been left far more energetic.”

Beatrice, via the Telegraph online
“This diet ‘proves’ to the obese person that they can lose a significant amount of weight without postponing the rest of their life.”

flirtygerty, via the Telegraph online
“I see the results daily, which is encouraging. Rather than feeling weak, I have so much more energy!”

Mr Kallis, London
“As a person who has struggled to lose weight all her life I find it very patronising to hear some people pontificating about Fat=Lazy=Stupid people. Not talking about myself, I know a lot of highly intelligent and hard working overweight people, probably as many as thin, dull and work shy ones. Furthermore to say eat less and exercise more is so obviously simplistic it makes me wonder whether the IQ is proportionally related to body weight! As for this new treatment, to those who have or had to wear the NGT for serious medical reasons I would like to tell them: this is not vanity, it is not about loosing a few lbs., it is a tool to gain health for some. Would you rather see them going down with you and getting some cancers or diabetes or heart conditions? Similarly to all dieticians and surgeons that have failed me and other people like me: there is not a one fits all solution, so stop squabbling over who is best and work together to solve this worsening epidemic!”

Drop in the sea, London, 06/3/2012 16:43, via the MailOnline

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