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Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition – KEN™ Weight Reduction System.

This well established and scientifically proven technique to assist overweight patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 involves the placement of a fine-bore Nasogastric Tube (2 mm diameter) to allow the continuous infusion of a specially formulated feed over a 10 day period via a portable pump. Patients are able to carry out their normal duties over this period and are encouraged to drink generous amounts of fluids, but do not feed for this period. KEN cycles can be repeated after a 10 day break interval, until the patients reach their target. This target weight is calculated from bioimpedance measurements at each visit to the clinic.

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KEN™ allows the body to switch into KETOGENIC mode, whereby it breaks down its own fat stored for use as energy. The special feature in this system is that participants do not feel hungry throughout the entire duration of the 10 day session, and can perform normal daily activities without impairment and without the need for any additional food.


Typical weight loss over the duration of the 10 day session is 4 – 9% of the initial body weight. KEN™ allows the body to shed weight at a fast pace, which is safe, healthy and sustainable. To date, this technique has been used and shown to be effective in over 100,000 patients.

Safe and effective

There are no side effects or contra-indications to undertaking KEN™ and the treatment may be repeated as often as necessary. We will provide you with guidelines on how to maintain your new weight, as well as a one-day weight reduction diet should your weight increase after treatment.

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Note: We do not treat people whose BMI is below 25, and whose age is below 16.

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